For some employers who are based in a regional area of Australia, finding and employing skilled workers can be hard. The Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) enables employers in specified areas of Australia to sponsor overseas skilled migrants for permanent residency provided they commit to working in that regional area, and remain with the employer, for at least two (2) years after visa grant.

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme, unlike the Employer Nomination Scheme, does not require a skills assessment for applicants who are nominated in certain occupations and can adequately meet the ANZSCO skills requirements. This means, provided you have suitable supporting evidence, it is possible to apply for this visa without the hassle of skills assessment – which is necessary for particular, other permanent residency visas.

Many visa applicants become concerned when they hear the word ‘regional’ – this shouldn’t be the case. Many major areas fall under the ‘regional’ classification, including cities such as Darwin and Perth. The locations, although regional, still provide for a wealth of job opportunities, schools and housing, as well as great lifestyles to be had by all.

Melbourne Migration Agent
Melbourne Migration Agent

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