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Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Facts

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The Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) provides a permanent visa pathway for skilled people looking to work or seek migration in a regional or low population growth area of Australia. This visa lets employers in these areas to sponsor migrants to fill skilled vacancies in their business which cannot be met locally.
The RSMS offers various benefits for skilled migrants looking for migration move to regional Victoria. It allows the visa holder and their dependent family members included in the visa application to live as permanent residents in Australia.

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Safe Haven Enterprise Visa pathway

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Good news for subclass 790 visa holders. Recently, the Immigration Department has added a new amendment to subclass 790 regulations.
The Subclass 790 Safe Haven Enterprise Visa allows holders who have studied &/or worked in regional areas for 42 months without accessing social security welfares, to apply for prescribed substantive visas leading to migration for permanent residency.

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Maintaining Your Permanent Residency

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A lot of people might not realise that when their permanent residence is granted they receive a travel facility which is only valid for 5 years.

To maintain your Australian permanent resident status, you must either meet a residence requirement in Australia or prove that you have close ties to Australia.

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Finding skilled workers can be a challenge for employers across a range of industries and workplaces. Therefore, Australia’s skilled migration system targets overseas skilled workers with the skills Australia needs, to help reduce skill shortages or recruitment difficulty.

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Small business may consider a visa under the skill stream to avoid the political uncertainty of the 457 visa.
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